Adjust Camera Orientation

Use the tripod head's Tilt, Pan, and Swivel knobs to adjust the camera orientation of the camera on the finish. You want to ensure that the green vertical line is perfectly aligned on the white finish line and that all lanes are visible in the Alignment Zone.

Adjusting Tilt

Aim the camera at a point approximately 2/3 of the way up the finish line and fine tune until an area comprised of the finish line plus another couple of lanes-worth above it is centered on the screen. Make sure the object of interest in both the inside and outside lanes is fully visible.

TIP: Simply have someone run through the finish line and see where they appear on the screen. Adjust Tilt until competitors are clearly visible on both outside extremes of the track.
The area of the track covered by the camera can be changed by,
  1. Moving the camera nearer or further away from the track, and or, tilting the camera to change the field of view.
  2. Changing the value of Zoom on a zoom lens. See Optimize Lens Settings.


Adjusting Swivel

For a TAG Heuer by Lynx camera to be correctly aligned, the swivel must be level. This can be achieved by using a standard level from the hardware store or using the Level Indicator available as an option on TAG Heuer by Lynx Vision PRO of cameras.


Adjusting Pan