LapTime Module

The LapTime Module will solve three common issues that occur in sports where long races with multiple laps are common:

  • It is difficult to prove that a competitor has been told to go the correct number of laps. With LapTime, the operator has “proof of pace” or a list of times the competitor turned in for each lap of the race.  If these lap times are consistent with the finish time, then it is reasonable to assume that the race was the right distance.
  • The generated split times are useful and interesting information that can be displayed on scoreboards and used by announcers to enhance the appreciation of an event.
  • Updating split times and lap counting during an event not only makes the competitor more comfortable regarding the number of laps they have remaining, but can make for interesting real-time data displays regarding things like who in a race is really moving quickly and might be “catching up” or “on record pace”.