Optimize Lens Settings

Adjusting Zoom

To adjust the zoom value for a manual lens, simply turn the ring that adjusts the Zoom setting.  Large numbers make the image appear nearer (larger), small numbers make it seem as if the image is further away. When using a remote control lens, use the Remote control icons in the Hardware Control window.

Zoom in or out to optimize the view of the camera. The view should be wide enough to see all the important parts of an object crossing the finish line, but tight enough to cut out undesired content at the top and bottom of the image and maximize the resolution of objects of interest.

See this video for more information.

Adjusting the Iris

With a remote controlled lens, you should let the software control the iris.

With a manual lens, you should adjust the Iris until the value of Gain is in the lower third of the range - an ideal value is around 40. If the initial value is close to 150, you should open the Iris (lower number). If the initial value is close to 0, you should close the Iris (higher number).

NOTE: With AGC and Auto Iris enabled, the Brightness level is the guiding parameter. See Adjust Camera Settings for details.


Adjusting Focus

When using a remote control lens, use the Remote control icons in the Hardware Control window to adjust the focus. On a manual lens, the focus adjustment is a ring on the lens which has distances marked on it. The operator should be able to get nearly the correct focus by determining the distance between the camera and a point one third of the way up the finish line and setting the focus adjustment to that distance.

Adjust camera focus so that the focus indicator number , situated left above the alignment image, has reached a number as high as possible. Horizontal lines in the background image being scanned should look as sharp as possible.

TIP: Placing two dark lines a few inches apart across the finish line can aid in finding the correct focus. When the camera is not focused, two close lines will blur into one; as the focus improves the space between the lines will become more evident.