Camera Alignment

It cannot be too clearly stated how important this process is. If the camera is not correctly aligned, then the times produced will not be accurate.

The alignment process is ADDITIVE.  Each step will bring you closer to success. Do not skip over a step if it seems too hard.

Do not worry about getting a perfect image at every step of this process, the picture tends to improve with each step along the route.

  • Concept & Objective Overview of the goal of the alignment process and understanding of the different alignment modes available. See Alignment Concept & Objective.
  • Start Alignment Mode Learn how to use the Hardware Control window to view and adjust the camera alignment. See Start Alignment Mode.
  • Adjust Camera Orientation Learn how to tilt, zoom and pan to align the camera on the finish line. See Adjust Camera Orientation.
  • Optimize Lens Settings Learn how to use the zoom, focus and iris functions of a lens. See Optimize Lens Settings.
  • Adjust Camera Settings Learn how to adjust the basic Camera Settings. See Adjust Camera Settings.