Start Alignment Mode

TAG Heuer by Lynx offers two modes to align TAG Heuer by Lynx cameras:

  • 1-D Align This original alignment mode displays the view of the TAG Heuer by Lynx camera as it will produce photo-finish images, in Line Scan Mode. The Alignment Zone of the Hardware Control window scans through the very thin view of the camera in real-time. It is recommended to use this mode to validate that the alignment is correct, but new users will find the EasyAlign feature to facilitate the process.
  • EasyAlign TAG Heuer by Lynx Vision PRO cameras are able to display a two dimensional (2-D) view of the camera that makes alignment much easier. The goal is to align the green vertical line with the painted finish line and near its front edge.
NOTE: To facilitate the camera alignment when the distance to the computer is great, see HOW TO USE THE ELECTRONIC VIEWFINDER?