TAG Heuer by Lynx 10.03

What's New

LapTime Offset

The LapTime Module can be configured with a preset time offset. This offset can be used to adjust the times reported by an external LapTime device to match the official times produced by a TAG Heuer by Lynx camera.

  • To use a LapTime offset:
  1. Click LapTime | Options... from the Menu Bar.
  2. Enter a value in the Time Offset: field (hh:mm:ss.ddd).
  3. Click Ok.
  • The Time Offset: is added to split times for the selected device.

TIP: The offset can also be configured in the LapTime settings dialog. Select the LapTime line in the Information Zone and click Event | Get Info...


Lynx LapTime Protocol Update

The Lynx LapTime protocol has been updated to allow the use of Event, Round and Heat information. If this information is included in the data from the LapTime device, then LapTime data will be directed to the matching open FinishLynx event, regardless of the event with current LapTime focus.

This can be useful in rowing, canoe or kayak for example. When multiple races are on the water at the same time and multiple event windows are opened in the main TAG Heuer by Lynx computer, splits will flow to the right event without the need to verify that the LapTime current event is correctly set.

NOTE: An exact match is needed between the Event, Round, Heat information sent by the LapTime device and the TAG Heuer by Lynx event. Otherwise the split information is discarded.
TIP: When TAG Heuer by Lynx is used as the LapTime device, the new LapTime_ERH.lss script should be used if this new feature is required.


LapTime Device Update

The LapTime Device drop-down list is updated:

  • TAGHeuer CP540 is renamed TAGHeuer THCOM08.


Wide Pixel Modes

TAG Heuer by Lynx Vision PRO cameras support additional Pixel Modes (Wide 50%, 33% and 25%).

  • To change the Pixel Mode:
  1. Access the Camera Settings for a TAG Heuer by Lynx Vision PRO.
  2. Click to select the radio button next to the preferred Pixel Mode:.
  3. Adjust the Frame Height: to allowable values.
  4. Click Ok.

Black Level Control

TAG Heuer by Lynx Vision PRO cameras offer a Black Level setting that controls the level of brightness of the darkest part of the image. Increasing this value can improve the dynamic range, but decreases color saturation and adds noise to the dark part of the image. Decreasing this value can improve color saturation, but may lead to low dynamic range and excessive contrast.

  • To change the Black Level:
  1. Access the Camera Settings for an TAG Heuer by Lynx Vision PRO.
  2. Click the Setup Tab .
  3. Type in a new Black Level: value (range -50 to 50).
  4. Click Ok.


Remote Focus

New F-mount adapters for TAG Heuer by Lynx Vision PRO cameras are available for sale and offer remote focus control for Nikon lenses with a built-in focus motor (AF-S and AF-P models).


Scoreboard Scripts

Four new scripts have been added for the Video Display Module (VDM):

  • VDMPlaceNameTime.lss

  • VDMPlaceNameAffiliationTime.lss

  • VDMPlaceLaneAfflAbrvTime.lss

  • VDMPlaceAffiliationTime.lss

One new script added for the Daktronics T2022:

  • DakMDP_TI2022.lss

One new script added to use TAG Heuer by Lynx as a LapTime device to support the optional Event, Round and Heat information added the latest Lynx LapTime Protocol:

  • LapTime_EHR.lss

One script has been renamed:

  • TAG_HL985.lss is renamed TAGHeuer THDIS08.lss

Language Files

The German (de_DE.lng) language file has been updated.




Additional Other settings are included:

  • Event\StatusFlags Optional colored squares available in the Information Zone to indicate scoreboard (purple) and LapTime (teal) use.

  • Event\NextEvent Controls which event gets capture, scoreboard and LapTime focus when the current event is closed. The Legacy option, the default value, maintains the behavior from previous TAG Heuer by Lynx versions. Options to use the newest or oldest opened event are now available.
  • Event\ShowEvent Controls which event is displayed when the current event is closed. The Legacy option, the default value, maintains the behavior from previous TAG Heuer by Lynx versions, which is the most recently used event. Options to show the capture event, scoreboard event or either (capture if it exists, otherwise scoreboard) are added.
TIP: These advanced settings are for experienced users only. For more information on how to access these settings, please contact our support team.